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Author: Pam Kelly

Pam KellyPam Kelly has written poetry all her life and still has little sentimental poems written when she was a tot, and longer, surprisingly adult and insightful poems written when she was eleven and twelve, some lines of which she occasionally steals for her work today. As a teenager she wrote songs and comic sketches for school productions and this talent for making people laugh has continued to the present day when she regularly performs “party pieces” of the stand-up-comedytype. Poetry, however, is the mainspring of her life, and she has hundreds of ideas for poems scribbled on the backs of used envelopes, till receipts and table napkins when she is “caught out” by a poem in an awkward place.

Two years ago, she had a brush with the Grim Reaper, and her first thought was,“I must publish my poetry”. This resulted in “On the Edge”, a collection which won instant success, got excellent reviews, and is now reprinted and published by Brimstone Press.

She is about to publish her 2nd book, “Fiesta”, poems written earlier this year in Andalucia, and a 3rd book, “Random Atoms”, will be published in time for the Mere Literary Festival in October where she has been asked to be a poetry judge and do a book signing.

She lives alone in Shaftesbury, Dorset, where she performs with the local theatre group and leads U3A groups in Circle Dance and Philosophy. She has a son and daughter, a grandson and two granddaughters.

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